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You can spot the die-hards at NHRA pro drag racing events by the T-shirts they wear or the signs they hold urging the sanctioning body to restore its nitro-methane classes to its trademark quarter-mile.
This protest had its share of supporters in the stands and in the pits eight months ago, but grumbling about the NHRA shortening races in its two premier classes from 1,320 to 1,000 feet has dwindled to mumbling, even among its traditionalist drivers…  More info


Prior to the release of the original Skate, there wasn’t really any variety in the skateboarding videogame genre. But Black Box’s new take on skating gave players a whole new way to play by delivering on a more realistic experience than other games in the genre. The only catch was that with this new game came some annoyances that many players just couldn’t seem to look past. There were technical bugs sprinkled about, the online had problems, and the most noticeable of Skate’s problems was that there were just too many tricks mapped to the right stick. And now with the release of Skate 2, Black Box tries to iron out all of the kinks riddling their first installment. But do they succeed?…  More info




A skateboarding dog recently entertained throngs of passers-by at the paved lot behind Buckman Elementary School, 320 S.E. 16th Ave., on an otherwise quiet Monday afternoon.

Clint Bowie/Special to The OregonianPenelope, Tony Mengis’ 5-year-old English bulldog, entertains passers-by in the Buckman neighborhood. She apparently picked up the skill from her former owner.

“I didn’t teach her how to do this,” says owner Tony Mengis of his 5-year-old English bulldog, Penelope, whom he adopted about a year ago…  More info 

We don’t write about many iPod games here at the ‘Lab, but today we’re making an exception — if only because I have wasted so much time playing TouchGrind that I need to get something productive out of it.

TouchGrind is a skateboarding game for the iPhone, and it’s probably the most addictive game I have played since Desktop Tower Defense. Don’t expect some crazy…  More info