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You’ll never see speeds like this on the Nürburgring

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Automaker Ford estimates its electric vehicle division will lose $4.5 billion this year, $1.5 billion more than it predicted in March.

Fortune said Ford’s revised forecast comes from a sluggish receptiveness by consumers to the new battery-powered vehicles.

So far this year, Ford’s EV division has shed nearly $1.8 billion, Fortune reported.

Ford now also estimates   …  More

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The heat wave affecting much of the U.S. may be causing electric vehicles to lose nearly a third of their range.

We already knew electric vehicles don’t do so well when it gets really cold outside. Well, apparently they don’t really like extreme heat either. According to Automotive News, the recent heat wave across much of the Southern and Western U.S. has brought their range issue to the forefront.

A Seattle-based EV battery and range analytics company called Recurrent has reportedly tested   …  More

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