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Brock Yates, a maverick automotive writer, commentator and magazine editor who was best known for creating — and winning — the madcap Cannonball Run coast-to-coast race, and who later wrote screenplays for two popular “Cannonball Run” movies, died Oct. 5 in Batavia, N.Y. He was 82.

The death was announced by a son, Brock Yates Jr. The cause was complications from Alzheimer’s disease.

At various times, Mr. Yates was   …  More

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Yesterday during a Cars & Coffee Italy event the former rally driver and manager of RM Autosport Raul Marchisio entertained the crowd doing some very nice donuts in his Porsche Carrera GT. Not something you can see every day…

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I never thought Mark Walters blokart speed record of 64.4 mph could be broken, but I did best it yesterday 9-22-16 with a speed of 65 mph. The conditions were perfect for a record. The wind blew 30-35 mph out of the SW with higher gust to over 40. Timing the higher gust is always critical for a high speed run. I made a number of passes in the 61-63mph range. There is a lot of luck involved when trying to sail a blokart 65mph. If you don’t receive a strong wind gust once your up to speed, you will never break 60mph. Yesterday I timed the gust pretty good allowing me to sail my kart deeper with power at just the right time. Having my gps pointed towards my go pro allowed real time speed which worked out really well until I sailed deep off the wind to the East, away from the afternoon sun. It would of been nice to have a clear readout during my record pass. The Max Speed readout on my gps confirmed my real time readout of 65mph. Gary Terell and my wife Patty were also there, taking photos, shooting video and as witnesses.

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Apple’s ambitions to take on Tesla in the electric car space, Uber in the self-driving space, and in general, to pivot into the auto industry have not been exactly a secret over the past year, but few had any idea how Tim Cook would go about doing this. Today, the FT reveals that the world’s most valuable company plans to transform the auto industry by purchasing British supercar maker and Formula One team owner, McLaren technology.

According to the FT, Apple has been working on a self-driving electric vehicle for more than two years, is considering a full takeover of McLaren or  …  More

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