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Land Sailing event at Pembrey Country Park, Wales, UK

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Matt fakes it. And he’s not the only one.

Former “Friends” star Matt LeBlanc has admitted to using stunt drivers during the taping of his new BBC show, “Top Gear.”

LeBlanc said, “I do as much as I’m comfortable with. When it gets really crazy, I have a stunt driver. That’s no secret   …  More

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Matt Somerfield takes a close look at McLaren’s F1 steering wheel and all its functions, more and more complex as electronics continue to evolve in the sport.

Whilst browsing through Twitter on Monday, I noted that Honda had tweeted several pictures of McLaren’s steering wheel and pointed out the various functions available to the driver.

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Drag racer Tommy Johnson, Jr., drove a Funny Car 326.08 mph in a thousand feet at Pomona Raceway in California late last year. Pomona is in the middle of the city, and was built when race cars weren’t so fast, and the runoff area at the end of the quarter-mile track is perilously short, and can’t be extended without rerouting roads.

That had to be the scariest ride on the circuit, right?

Wrong, says Johnson  …  More

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