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Most commercial airplanes have an indestructible flight recorder known as a “black box” — even though the casing is actually bright orange — that records information from the flight computers. Another box records cockpit audio and other sources around the plane. In the event of a crash, investigators can recover the black boxes and find out exactly what happened.

Cars can have black boxes, too. In fact, it’s a good bet your current car has one. And if it doesn’t, your next new car certainly will. That’s why you should know exactly what that black box is recording, who can get the information and how you can stay in control   …  More

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Most modern cars are capable of speeds that were unthinkable when the U.S. Highway System was first chartered. And while most mainstream cars are neutered by eco-friendly tires and plush suspensions, many enthusiast-oriented vehicles can very comfortably exceed posted speed limits, at a cost.

America may not have Germany’s autobahn, but a handful of states do boast higher-than-average speed limits and plenty of open space to take advantage of them. Planning a road trip out west? Check out these five states where you can open it up just a little bit more than usual   …  More

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Cars and Coffee Irvine, the Cars and Coffee, is reportedly getting shut down.

The Millionaire Car Club reports that C&C Irvine, the big one, the original one, the one that’s held in the parking lot of Ford and Mazda HQs, isn’t just ending — it has already come to an end. The next scheduled event is cancelled, they claim  …  More

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A MAN who collects DeLorean cars has transformed the classic Back To The Future vehicles into a monster truck, a limousine, a hovercraft, a convertible and a Time Machine Replica. Rich Weissensel, a software engineer, is fanatic about the two-door sports car and owns five custom creations – including a stretched DeLorean Limousine – and three stock DeLoreans. The 50-year-old has re-modeled the stainless-steel shape of the iconic cars into bizarre and brilliant automotive creations in an ongoing, 14-year series of projects. The projects started after Rich met the car’s founder John DeLorean at the Cleveland DeLorean Car Show in 2000 and showed him some of his ideas and sketches. Rich from Chicago, Illinois, built a custom hovercraft using the stainless steel panels of the DeLorean and a hovercraft cushion which allows the DeLorean to float over any surface.

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From Madonna to Miley Cyrus, from Titanic to Transformers, American entertainment culture has been rolling all over the world for decades.

Now, another uniquely American phenomenon with roots in the rural U.S. is rumbling across international boundaries on giant wheels: monster trucks.

“We’re monster trucking the world,” said Kenneth Feld, CEO of Feld Entertainment, the company that owns the giant vehicles and the trademark Monster Jam events. “We’re building the business globally. It’s got a lot of traction.”   …  More

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