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“This video was hilarious. I went to my local mountain bike park, and instead of taking my dirt jump or enduro bikes. I took a road bike! It was crazy! The downhill tracks are so bumpy and ridiculous on the road bike. I was so out of my depth on MTB trails but somehow the bike did so good and was insane fun. Some of the jumps were sketchy! shout out to the Marin Gestalt 3. cyclocross is so funny.” – Matt Jones

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U.S. woman pedals a bike 184 mph, smashing record held by men for more than 100 years

A 45-year-old American woman shattered a two-decade-old cycling speed record Sunday, pedaling 183.9 mph across Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats in the slipstream of a specially designed racecar.

The record for paced cycling speed was previously held by Dutch rider Fred Rompelberg, who hit a top speed of 167 mph in 1995.

For Sunday’s record-breaking attempt, Denise Mueller-Korenek rode a  …  More

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The city bike challenge takes place in London and me and Tom Cardy decided to get some Santander city bikes and see what tricks were possible on these beastly bicycles. We rode around central london looking for cool features and street spots to try and perform tricks on, it was super fun. The bikes are insanely heavy and even just hopping them was quite a task! We visited Southbank skatepark and showed the skateboarders some moves we then moved to some iconic spots along the way. The whole session was a challenge but it was fun and definitely worth trying! – Sam Pilgrim

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