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Location: Surfers Paradise Knokke – Belgium

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Check out our friends and their very cool products over at the Bad Ass Helmet Store for your motorcycle, bike, skate and snow sports needs.  Also some very good info on how to paint a helmet.

You’ll enjoy and have fun just looking through their site.  I think you’ll really like their custom paint, wild face shields, masks and other options.  Enjoy!

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This year has been particularly harsh for shark attacks.

North Carolina shores were terrorized by an unprecedented spate of shark attacks early in the summer. Surf hotbed Réunion Island has continued its alarmingly high rate of shark attacks, and an increase in attacks on surfers on Australia’s Gold Coast have locals calling for a shark cull. Top all that off with Mick Fanning having fight off a great white at the 2015 J-Bay Open in South Africa.

Experts say that the real reason shark attacks have been on the rise is an increase in beachgoers and ocean temperatures. Luckily, one Australian inventor has taken measures to preventing further attacks on surfers  …  More

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Ecto Handplanes recycle broken surfboards into thrilling high speed bodysurfing devices known as handplanes, or handboards/handsurfers. Bodysurfers use the smooth glass surface and buoyancy of the handplane to gain increased speed and hold on all types of waves. The Ecto Handplane has been designed with a unique shape and strap as well as GoPro camera compatibility to provide an exciting product for the Australian tradition of bodysurfing

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