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2013 – The Ho family has perpetual royalty status in the North Shore of Oahu. Michael and Derek have already bagged 6 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing titles combined and still dominate the lineups when things get serious in the islands.

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John John Florence is suing the American beverage company Monster Energy for breach of a sponsorship agreement.

According to the New York Post, in January 2017, the two-time World Surf League (WSL) champion and the energy drink signed a three-year marketing deal worth $500,000 a year.

Florence would help promote the brand for $350,000, plus $150,000 for a multimedia production depicting the story behind the world title race.

The suit notes that Monster Energy   …  More

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Nazaré probably is the most powerful beach break. The Portuguese big wave surfing spot is as exciting as it will test your limits as a surfer and as a human being.

The thrill and the adrenaline rush of riding a colossal wave at Praia do Norte represent, for many athletes, the culmination of a long career.

However   …  More

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This raw footage shows Australian Big Wave Surfer, Russell Bierke (21 ys old), charging one of the biggest waves of the day on the first peak at Nazaré during yesterday’s monster swell. Bierke’s manages to ride the most critical part of the wave but wipes out after the massive water explosion behind him, suffering an extensive hold down before resurfacing just in time to catch a quick breath before the next wave impact. The following rescue is performed by award wining Big Wave Surfer Lucas “Chumbo” Chianca from Brazil, riding a jetski Lucas is able to help Russell until he reaches the safety of the sand.

This sequence was the main highlight of the day, during the biggest session of the season so far, with waves exceeding 60 ft on the face.

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