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A video portrait of Indigenous artist and Billabong surfer Otis Carey. We are incredibly grateful for Otis sharing his journey with mental health and the tools that have helped him navigate depression.

“I didn’t understand my brain and how it was working and what it needed. But when I found art, it really calmed my mind down,” – Otis Carey.

Our mental health video series ‘The Common Thread’ sees Being Here director Darius Devas travel across Australia to meet young Australians from all walks of life, who open up about their mental ill health and share the tools and tactics that have supported their recovery.

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Discover our curated collection of funny surfing memes. But remember: surfing is not always as cool as surfers paint it in their saltwater brains.

Memes are everywhere, and sometimes they’re quite an uncontrollable plague. That is why we need to filter the good from the bad, a bit like choosing which waves to ride.

But what exactly is a meme? A meme is   …  More

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Graphic Designer Wanted

Stoked News is looking for graphic designers who skateboard, snowboard, mt bike, bmx, surf, etc.  Can you express the “soul” of your sport, something you can “feel” and without all the in-your-face branding of the big corporations.  It needs to be a celebration of what feel action sports should be about: having fun with your friends and not an ad for a multi-million dollar corporation.  Use your artistic talents to make some extra $’s.

Artists please contact me for details at:

If you’re interested in checking out the t-shirts when available, email me at:

With acts inspired by parkour, trial biking, and more, the spirit of action sports fuels Cirque du Soleil’s newest Big Top show, VOLTA.

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