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Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger travels the globe with legendary windsurfing champion Robby Naish in the adventure sports documentary “The Longest Wave,” in which he discusses going from tween to legend and beyond with no regrets.

Robby Naish won over 150 tournament victories and collected 24 world titles.

He pioneered the sports of windsurfing, kiteboarding, stand-up paddleboarding, and foil boarding.

Naish is also a passionate big wave rider.

The film premieres August 10, 2021, only on Red Bull TV, a free, on-demand streaming service available on the web and as an app across devices big and small.

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Come with me on a blasting downwind run from Hookipa beach park to Kanaha. Ride along in some strong winds and choppy seas. – Robby

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Watch Greek windsurfer Lennart Neubauer riding the ramps of the world’s first outdoor windsurf park in Naxos, Greece.

The kickers and sliders were placed in the water at the Laguna Beach Park so that windsurfers can boost airs on windy days.

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Carlos Gauna surveys the wind-blown waves off a popular Santa Barbara County beach. It is a cold, gray afternoon and only a few people are in the water: a father teaching his son to surf, a lone man wading in the whitewash.

Gauna launches his video drone, hoping to spy what might be moving stealthily among them — great white sharks.

In decades past, this might have seemed a quixotic venture. Great whites were thought to be   …   More

Surfer Touches Great White Shark & Doesn’t Realize It – I took a drive south to warmer waters in Southern California and filmed a group of white sharks among surfers enjoying the surf. On a few occasions the sharks approached the surfers closely. The surfer’s don’t appear to know they aren’t alone in the water.

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