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The official teaser of Colter Johnson’s new film “Meherio” (mermaids)

A movie about women in watersport, the next generation of female athletes, the best rider girls in the world Starring Mathilde Zampieri, Aelan Vaast and Vaimiti Teiefitu

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Jason Polakow’s search for the perfect wave for windsurfing has just begun.

This time, he travels to Indonesia for a windsurf adventure like no other. Jason’s true passion has always been chasing down some of the biggest waves and best surf conditions and he is the only wave-sailor to break away from full-time competition to challenge nature in its most extreme form. In February 2016 he became the first windsurfer to tackle the giant waves at Praia do Norte, near Nazaré, Portugal, saying: “This isn’t Maui, You don’t come out here for 20 fun waves. You come out and you feel good if you get one or two unbelievable rides.”

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Heading north into the arctic circle when most fly south. A winch, all the windsurf, surf and kitesurf gear and an open agenda. We’d head back south when the sun stopped coming above the horizon.

Featuring: Adam Sims, Alina Shalin and Riccardo Marca

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If there’s one thing to learn about Liza Koshy, don’t EVER challenge her to a hydrofoil surfing competition. – Will Smith

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