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A new surfboard technology has come from outer space. By using technology from the aerospace and motorsports industries, surfboard maker Varial Surfboards believe they have created a better and lighter foam core for surfboards. For the last 50 years “traditional” surfboards have been made of polyurethane (PU) foam that is then covered with polyester resin. In the past decade, the only change has been the use of epoxy. Here, an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core is covered with an epoxy resin, a harder material previously used in boat building.

But both technologies have environmental and structural issues   …  More

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Slide Fins, the world’s first Flex-Fold™ surfboard fin system. Experience a revolution in surfing maneuvers with superior flexibility to perform advanced moves that are difficult to achieve with fixed fins.

Slide Fins feature a unique Flex-Fold™ fin technology that folds and releases under directional wave pressure. They engage like fixed fins for traditional bottom turn power and drive across the wave, while folding flat for top turn freedom.

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South Africans have invented a electromagnetic shield that protects humans from the shark attacks. The idea has already been tested and saved lives.

The technology is based in a three dimensional electrical wave form that induces spasms in the sharks’ snouts, saving surfers and swimmers from severe injuries and deaths  …  More

Morey revolutionizes surfing 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 July, 2010 : – – San Clemente — Surf pioneer, Tom Morey who, among other key innovations, brought removable skeg systems to the surfing world in 1964, and Morey Boogie in 1971 announces ‘MoreyRolloâ„¢, the rolling skeg. MoreyRollosâ„¢, are tough, lightweight foiled rubberized foam wheels used instead of skegs.

“They could be made from any number of other materials; sized and shaped innumerable ways.  Right now we’re simply getting the idea started”  …  Details