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Three-time Olympian, reigning medalist, and American men’s favorite to medal in BMX racing, Connor Fields was carried off the track on a stretcher after crashing on Friday in Tokyo.

The medal day was initially delayed because of heavy rain.

Entering the third heat of the semifinal, Fields was fourth overall. He seemed to be in second place as he landed hard off an early jump, slamming into the ground.

Medical personnel attended to him briefly on the track before lifting him onto a stretcher   …  More

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American BMX rider Alise Willoughby and her husband Sam once both cherished the same ambition to win Olympic gold medals until a tragic accident sent their lives in a direction neither could have imagined.

Shortly after the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics at the Chula Vista BMX track near San Diego, Australian Sam flipped backwards off a jump and landed on his head — suffering spinal injuries that left him paralysed.

The accident cruelly robbed him of his dream of   …  More

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Sean Galusha and I set out to make a video that captured good times and high level riding, even if we only get to ride once our work week has concluded. This is what a typical weekend with the NF crew looks like, and while our sessions may be a bit atypical we wouldn’t have it any other way. – Cade Brock

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Four youth-focused action sports will debut at the Tokyo Olympics: surfing, skateboarding, sport climbing and BMX freestyle, as well as karate, basketball 3×3, and a return of baseball/softball – reintroduced after a 12-year hiatus.

According to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the inclusion of the new events is “the most comprehensive evolution of the Olympic program in modern history”.

For many fans, however, the addition of action sports raises big questions: are they really Olympic sports, and do they deserve to take the place of more established events?   …  More

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