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Skiing some of the best backcountry lines in Jackson Hole. It was a rough winter for snow and weather, we had a slow start and lots of wind, and quite a few of my favorite Jackson lines never filled in enough to hit. I looked elsewhere for snow, including Canada, Alaska, and even Argentina. Everywhere I went, we had fun skiing, but still dealt with avalanche issues and hard layers underneath which kept me from hitting the big cliffs I love. It’s better to wait another year than get injured doing it in the wrong conditions.

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… provide them with HOT WATER during snowy break, forcing them to take icy showers

A group of snowboarders were horrified to learn there was no hot water at their snowy Lake Tahoe rental – and even more outraged when Airbnb told them the owner was under no obligation to provide it.

Alexander Yee travelled from Alameda in northern California to the wintry getaway in the Sierra Nevada mountains to spend some time skiing and snowboarding.

The group believed they’d found a bargain with the three-bedroom, three-bathroom property priced at just $186-a-night  …  More

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The top three resorts in this list have the most recorded snowfall in the world. Let that sit for a second.

Many of the resorts on this list have already surpassed their peak total snowpack for last season and it’s only mid-January. Where will the rest of the winter take us? Could it be a record-breaking year? Time will tell but for now you can revel at these massive snowfall numbers and pinch yourself that there’s still an entire half of a season left to go…  More

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