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Danica Patrick retired from racing in 2018 with the “Danica Double,” a two-race finale that capped her NASCAR and IndyCar careers, competing in the Daytona 500 and Indy 500. Unfortunately, she crashed out of both.

She hasn’t been in a race car since and tells Fox News Autos that she’s happy to be spending time with boyfriend Aaron Rodgers and doing more of the things she couldn’t during the grind of a racing season.

Fox News: Do you miss racing? …  More

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Designing the 2019 Ford NASCAR Mustang was a huge responsibility. Working closely with Ford Performance engineers, a team of Ford Performance designers created a vehicle that honors its Mustang heritage while optimizing for performance. The Ford NASCAR Mustang debuts 2.10.19 at Daytona.

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Following the F1 season finale, Fernando Alonso car swapped with seven-time NASCAR world champion Jimmie Johnson at the Bahrain International Circuit. Each driver jumped into the cockpit of their counterparts: Jimmie in a McLaren F1, and Fernando in a NASCAR.

The two legendary world champions went head-to-head in the desert to get a glimpse of how the other half live. And boy, was it epic.

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Danica Patrick is one of the most recognizable women in sports: she had a successful racing career, both in IndyCar and NASCAR, and her sponsorship with GoDaddy helped her become a household name.

Working in a male-dominated field like racing, Patrick struggled for acceptance. But she now holds multiple records, like becoming the first and only woman to   …  More 

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