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John John Florence is suing the American beverage company Monster Energy for breach of a sponsorship agreement.

According to the New York Post, in January 2017, the two-time World Surf League (WSL) champion and the energy drink signed a three-year marketing deal worth $500,000 a year.

Florence would help promote the brand for $350,000, plus $150,000 for a multimedia production depicting the story behind the world title race.

The suit notes that Monster Energy   …  More

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Addie is a dog from Colorado that loves the bike park! – Jack Ellenberger

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We love to race – that’s just the long and short of it all. While a very small handful of men and women are fortunate enough to enjoy the thrills of life as a professional racecar driver, there are yet handful more who can afford it off to the side; plenty of entry-level events let you race just about anything you own. Still, for most of us regular folks, having a dedicated racecar to daily-drive or racing a dedicated commuter or family car just doesn’t make sense. But rather than let the professionals and ballers have all the fun, us commuter-driving, regular guys find our own things to race.

Sometimes, it’s less about budgetary constraints and more about the fact that it can be raced out of necessity   …  More

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