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Graham Agassiz and resident fishing enthusiast Matt Stevens packed up their Remotes, and converged in Lytton, British Columbia

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It’s been a long-discussed idea; could an F1 car really drive upside down – and we’re not talking about a loop-the-loop – we mean driving upside down for an extended period of time, thanks to the high levels of downforce created from its wings, underside and other aerodynamics?

In fact, the statement is even boasted about on the official F1 website, where they say:

“A modern Formula One car is capable of developing 3.5g – which is three and a half times its own weight – thanks to aerodynamic downforce. That means that, theoretically, at high speeds, they could drive upside down.”

This statement from a few year ago and so is an underestimation, as the 2017 rule changes have increase aerodynamic forces substantially.

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Is it true that the best way to defend yourself against a shark is to punch its nose? To improve your chances of surviving a shark attack, we spoke with George Burgess, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research and manager of the International Shark Attack File. Following is a transcript of the video.

“My name is George Burgess. I serve as director of the Florida program for shark research.

If you see a shark while in the water   …  More

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As teenage surfers, I recall that it seemed important to us, in our philosophical moments, to compare surfing and sex, wondering which is better, as though one has to choose between them. Three decades of surfing later, now a professional philosopher, I have returned to consider the question in my recent book, Surfing with Sartre. I’m still comfortable with my teenage answer.

You don’t have to choose between surfing and sex, if you play your cards right. Yet, if you have to focus more of your energies on one rather than the other (because life gets complicated)  …  More

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