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19-year-old Galen Volckhausen has been kayaking over waterfalls since he was just a little kid. Take the drop with him as he braves the boils of 65-foot Aldeyjarfoss — a breathtaking natural phenomenon in Iceland where nature still rules.

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Sharks attacks events are extremely rare, but when they occur, they always make the news and generate a serious social alarm.

Despite the flashy headlines, the truth is that humans are not part of the shark’s diet and, in most cases, it privileges the less dangerous hit-and-run attacks.

And, in many cases   …  More

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Watch as Grady Flynn breaks boat in half on last drop of Avalanche Falls Rapid OBJ Creek CO.

NOTE: He was 100% OK and he was paddling a very early stage Prototype kayak. This would never happen in a full production model kayak. Still Funny to watch though!

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Follow (tiny) Red Bull Kayakers Aniol Serrasolses and Nouria Newman as they paddle down crazy waterfalls and whitewaters. Do you know how this was filmed?

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