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I made wooden wheels for my mountain bike – Will they last? Today I push the limits of these crazy MTB wheels made of wood to see which tricks, trails and jumps they can survive on, but will they actually work?

I’ve wanted to ride with wooden wheels for ages now and just couldn’t think of a way to fit them to my bike, so I done a quick search and saw that Olabmx channel had done a similar video on his BMX and that gave me knowledge of how to fix the wood to my bike! So I rushed out, got some 18mm ply and began making my own back wheel, after a quick bike maintenance session we had some wooden wheels connected to my bike and it was time to get out and try it! First stop were the local trails to see if the wheels actually worked before slowly moving around to different locations. I rode a pump track an urban MTB freeride spot and then the final banger was to hit a huge jump at Phoenix bike park and pull off an unthinkable trick! But how long can these wheels really last? – Sam Pilgrim

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All throughout the Bay Area, city streets, parks and trails alike have seen bicycles take a step back in favor of what seems to be their successor: electric bicycles.

Ever since their introduction, e-bikes have been wildly controversial, particularly with regards to unpaved trails. For years, land management groups in the Bay Area have been trying to adapt to the evolving scene, taking into account the potential impacts electric bikes can have.

Some regions, like the Marin County Open Space District …  More

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Out of all the extreme big wave locations Teahupo’o in Tahiti is probably the most feared. With only a 25 year history Teahupo’o creates the fastest, thickest, biggest barrels on the planet.

You need to be good to surf big Teahupo’o and even then your going to pay a price.

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The Porsche 953 Prototype, which turned into the Porsche 959, might be the most important sports car from the 1980’s. 6 units were built especially for the Paris-Dakar Off Road Rally, and one of them went for $5,945,000 at an auction held at Atlanta’s Porsche Experience Center.

In this video, we’ll be talking about the cultural significance of winning a race as tough as the Paris Dakar, what innovations the 959 brought to the 911 and Porsche as a brand, and how the 959 was two decades ahead of its time.

For the road, 345 units of the Komfort and Sport model of the Porsche 959 were produced from 1986 to 1993. They M.S.R.P.’d for around $300,000 in mid-80’s money, or $785,000 in 2022, and their values have more than quadrupled over the years, with their average auction price being $1.1M and some of the more well kept models going for $2M. Bill Gates bought a 959 from Western Europe in the late 80’s, and lobbied to have the U.S. laws changed so that he could legally drive it on U.S. soil. He got his wish when the States implemented the Show and Display Law, which allows the importation and driving of up to 2,500 miles a year of cars that are significant to automotive culture.

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