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Three-time Olympian, reigning medalist, and American men’s favorite to medal in BMX racing, Connor Fields was carried off the track on a stretcher after crashing on Friday in Tokyo.

The medal day was initially delayed because of heavy rain.

Entering the third heat of the semifinal, Fields was fourth overall. He seemed to be in second place as he landed hard off an early jump, slamming into the ground.

Medical personnel attended to him briefly on the track before lifting him onto a stretcher   …  More

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Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger travels the globe with legendary windsurfing champion Robby Naish in the adventure sports documentary “The Longest Wave,” in which he discusses going from tween to legend and beyond with no regrets.

Robby Naish won over 150 tournament victories and collected 24 world titles.

He pioneered the sports of windsurfing, kiteboarding, stand-up paddleboarding, and foil boarding.

Naish is also a passionate big wave rider.

The film premieres August 10, 2021, only on Red Bull TV, a free, on-demand streaming service available on the web and as an app across devices big and small.

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American BMX rider Alise Willoughby and her husband Sam once both cherished the same ambition to win Olympic gold medals until a tragic accident sent their lives in a direction neither could have imagined.

Shortly after the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics at the Chula Vista BMX track near San Diego, Australian Sam flipped backwards off a jump and landed on his head — suffering spinal injuries that left him paralysed.

The accident cruelly robbed him of his dream of   …  More

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For most Olympic events, the venue isn’t a concern. You build the arena/stadium/track, and it’s there waiting when you’re ready to go.

Surfing isn’t like most Olympic events. The venue — ocean waves — can change from day to day, hour to hour. So how can the Olympics guarantee that surfing — which makes its Olympic debut at Tokyo — actually takes place during the Olympics?

As with everything else involving Olympic events, the key is planning, years and years of planning. The International Surfing Association worked with Surfline, a weather forecasting site for surfing events, to analyze potential locales for the competition. Surfline monitors all ocean hotspots, tracking climate and wave trends from every possible angle.

Where to surf?   …  More

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