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Bas Koole riding on his way at his homespot away from home.

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On saturday march 19th, Matt Macduff sustained a terrible fall attempting to make his way around the Loop Of Doom. After over 3 year of research, determination and hard work, Matt managed to find everything he needed to make his project happen.

Built in a month at the Garden Route Trail Park in South Africa, the gigantic structure rises up to 40 ft. in the sky. The crash left him with 10 fractures in his right wrist and 3 fractures in his right ankle. The story behind his stunt is as impactful as the structure itself. A real story of determination. After spending a week in a South African hospital, Matt is now home in Ontario, working on his rehabilitation. Just as he started to walk again, we catched up with him to get his version of this incredible story.

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Genevieve Schmitt is the founder of Women Riders Now, a leading digital motorcycle magazine by women motorcyclists for women motorcyclists.

In the interview, she discusses the story of how she was inspired by other female riders to start riding, the growth and future of motorcycle clubs and the overall community, and why it’s important to be able to work on your own bike.

When did you start riding?

I started riding in 1990. I was working as a producer for Good Morning America, and I was assigned a story on women riding motorcycles. Up until that point, I had nothing to do with bikes: No family, men, or anything. It was a completely foreign concept.

But I gathered up 15 women for the shoot and interviewed each of them. After speaking with them and seeing them though, I was hooked   …  More

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When you’re exploring far-off places, it helps to be ready for just about everything. On a recent sailing trip through a remote part of the Pacific, a crew from Patagonia made the most of the ever-changing conditions, scoring all-time kiting, fishing, surfing and diving—along with a few perfect barrels in some of the clearest water in the world. Featuring Kohl Christensen, Hank Gaskell, Jason Slezak, Reo Stevens and more.

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This is very simple: we have three great sports cars from three great car-making countries. And we want to know which is fastest in a quarter-mile drag race.

From the USA, we have the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. From Germany, we have the Porsche 911 Turbo S. And from Japan, we have the car that has so far out-dragged everything we’ve put it up against, the Nissan GT-R.

This time, though, the GT-R might have met its match. After all, the 911 Turbo S is four-wheel drive and rear engined. The Hellcat is neither of those … but it does have 707bhp.

Which do you think will be quickest?

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