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Formula One’s rule-makers are poised to present its teams with a dramatic cost-cutting package for 2010 that goes much further than savings already agreed, as the crisis hitting the motor industry threatens more withdrawals from the sport.

With Honda seeking a buyer for its team and other manufacturers suffering a collapse in sales, the Federation International de l’automobile, F1’s governing body, believes that the sport is in a race against time and only a radical reduction in costs can prevent more teams from pulling out.

It wants the costs of competing to fall from upwards of…  More info 

There’s no greater satisfaction for me than watching young sailors excel on the water and wondering where in sailing they will be later on in their lives. Will that smooth-tacking coed Club 420 team someday be leading A division at college nationals or that eager starter in the Optimist class sailing for medals and then joining the ranks of the America’s Cup? It seems today, more than ever, competition at junior sailing events, at both the local club level and the national championships, is dramatically improved. This is because yacht clubs are committed to making junior sailing a priority. I see examples of this all around the country. Parents are willing to help with travel, there’s advanced instruction and individual coaching, and standardized one-design boats, and this all bodes well for the future of American sailing.

For eight years we’ve kept a close eye on the junior sailing scene, each year calling out the sailors that put forward great results and uphold sportsmanship while doing so. There are literally hundreds of them out there, and of all the annual “lists” in which I’m involved my juniors are the toughest…  More info


Dillon Police are doing more than just slapping the wrists of kids sliding rails and stairs on public property. Riders who ignore warnings will lose their gear, catch jail time and fines if they continue to “disrespect” public property. In early December, police riled the local snowboard scene when they started swiping equipment from riders caught sliding down handrails and concrete barriers around town.

So far, eight riders and filmmakers have plead guilty and been fined for…  More info

turbo_dynamics_girls1Situated in Wellingborough, Northants Santa Pod Raceway is a popular destination for motorsport fans and attracts people of all ages to its central location in England. Known to be the home of European Drag Racing, Santa Pod is suitably sponsored by one of the world’s leading turbocharger companies, Turbo Dynamics.

The renowned company, also known as TD, has sponsored the raceway since January 2008 and has a presence at a number of the events with staff and TD girls. As well as designing bespoke hybrid turbos for drag, race and rally applications, the company also supply standard turbos for all car makes and service, upgrade and modify turbos…  More info…