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Compilation of the greatest / worst jet ski wipeouts caught on tape.

Jet skis are used in tow in surfing to help the surfers catch bigger and faster waves without the need of paddling. In tow in surfing there are no need for the longer surfboards also known as guns.

Jet skis are also used to help surfers away from the white water after a big wipeout. The jet ski drivers takes huge risks driving in front of the smashing waves. And sometimes also they get caught.

Wave spots in this video:
Nazare – Portugal
Waimea – Hawaii – USA
Jaws – Hawaii – USA
Belharra – France
Teahupoo – Tahiti – French Polynesia

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The list of sea water health benefits is nearly endless. But, even if it only had a placebo effect on our physique, our brain would still drive us to the beach.

It’s good to your mood, and it will boost your health. The only thing that sea water does not do is hydrate our body. But that is not even a downside compared to the benefits

Sea water can be a natural drug and medicine. It stimulates our body and promotes the feeling of well-being that surfers very well know. If you live by the beach or  …  More

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A Florida jury sided with Hagens Berman client Arctic Cat, finding that the defendants willfully infringed two Arctic Cat patents and awarding damages of approximately $15.5 million. The verdict was handed down in a patent-infringement suit filed by Arctic Cat against Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (TSE: BBD.B) and BRP U.S. Inc. alleging that the makers of the Sea-Doo jet propulsion personal watercraft (PWC) committed willful infringement.

The complaint, filed in the U.S District Court for the Southern District of Florida, alleged   …  More

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