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Eight pickup lines that at least give you a shot at wooing any local

Congratulations! By being a tourist in town, you’re automatically 75 percent more interesting to the target of your affections. Remember, the local you’re hasn’t just been seeing the same 25-30 people day in and day out all season, they’ve been getting hit on by them, too! Just by answering “Not here” to the question, “Where do you live?”, you’ve got their attention. Now, engage …

1. I followed my passions right out of college. My passions include  …  More

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Two climbers scaled Yosemite’s El Capitan naked – and that’s not a fancy climbing term. The pair were bare.

Leah Pappajohn, 29, and Jonathan Fleury, 28, climbed the famed rock formation on June 6 with only ropes, shoes, and packs on their backs. According to Climbing magazine, their nude El Capitan ascent was the first of its kind.

The pair ascended to … More

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It took roughly four hours Saturday for rock climber Alex Honnold to make an ascent so dangerous no one has ever tried it before: scaling Yosemite’s El Capitan with no rope.

Some called it a suicide mission. El Capitan is 3,000 feet of vertical granite, jutting straight to the sky. Many of its cracks are so small, they fit only one finger.

“I mean, there are BASE-jumping stunts that require you to be ‘on’ for 20 seconds,” said Chris McNamara, a Lake Tahoe climber who spent many years diving and parachuting off giant rocks. “And then there’s  …  Pictures and More

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We climbed the Golden Gate Bridge (750 feet) 228 meters. It was one of the craziest experiences of my life!

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