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60 participants, comprising of a French team driving 30 Citroen 2CV series cars, concluded their first tour of Oman.  The tour was organised by the Ministry of Tourism and the M&N Tourist Office and lasted 13 days.

Participants travelled over 3,000 kilometres on board these 30 classic cars. The team visited Nizwa, Sohar, Rustaq and Al Hamra, passing through the terrain of Wadi Bani Awf among other places.

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There are Porsche fans, and then there are the faithful—the pilgrims who flocked to WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca for Rennsport Reunion VI – a celebration of the German carmaker that has stamped its indelible mark on the sports car landscape   …  More

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Amid the bustle and hubbub of a popular Riviera restaurant, a baritone burble rises through the floor, vibrating up high, elegant heels and tapered table legs to resonate around the rims of thin-stemmed wine glasses.

Angry pops and crackles from the street outside are followed by a final ear-splitting bark that sees food spill from silver forks and a waiter, weaving through the startled diners, drop an unopened bottle of Biondi Santi onto unforgiving terracotta tiles.

Or at least, this is how we like to think it plays out   …  More

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Please turn on Closed Captions to enjoy this film in English.

This is the story of following a trail of gas into the a tractor barn. It is a story of a family legacy of mechanical inclination and a desire to learn from and build upon classic machines. A story of a father and son taking seven long years to transform a 356 shell and a box of parts into a car that reflects their histories and their personalities. The Auratium Green 356 A Type 2 is the culmination of more than just the hundreds of hours of patient toiling that went into its resurrection, for it represents the passing down of talents and a way of living and approaching material objects with a calculated but still very human touch. It is one thing to understand how it all works, another to to fall in love with the act of making it happen.

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