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Babes Ride Out brings together women from all over the world, many who have never ridden a motorcycle before.

If you’re a woman who’s ever considered buying a motorcycle, but have felt too intimidated to actually do it, picture this: You’re camping in the California desert, surrounded by cacti, mountains, and a national park. During the day, you get on your bike and ride out to some of the most scenic places you’ve ever seen. At night, you sing karaoke, watch live bands, and indulge in a generous supply of free beer. Now imagine doing this for four days straight, surrounded by thousands of women on motorcycles.

Does it make you want to go buy that bike? If your answer is “yes,” …  More

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“Lost Track New Zealand” takes you on a journey of a lifetime through the remote wilderness of New Zealand in search of perfect waves and life long memories. Follow surfer Torren Martyn and film maker Ishka Folkwell as they embark on a three month motorbike adventure into the depths of this great southern land.

After carefully customising Royal Enfield motorcycles to carry surfboards and all the essentials, Torren and Ishka battle the elements as they ride through storms, survive near death experiences and experience moments of bliss, all on a quest to escape into nature and ride perfect waves.

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“Jay Leno’s Garage is one of the most famous car collections in the world and to be able to visit is incredibly special! Join me and Jay Leno himself for a tour to take in some of the eclectic mix of cars on display as we discover what’s within.

Inside the halls lie a huge variety of different automobiles, motorcycles and automotive memorabilia. From modern super and hypercars like the McLaren P1, Porsche Carrera GT, Ford GT and Acura NSX, to the almighty McLaren F1 and legendary classics like the Bugatti Type 35, Jaguar E-Type, Bentleys and Duesenbergs. There is no other collection like it in the world when it comes to sheer variety and to me also the impressive nature of Jay’s knowledge about each and every one of them.

Arriving for a visit with my Ford GT, being able to tour around and take it all in has always been a dream, but made even more exciting by Jay joining to show us around himself. Amongst the cars are so many other things to take in and spot lurking around as we explore – I’m sure many hours could be taken to run through everything in detail!” – Shmee

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