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Red Bull president and CEO Dietrich Mateschitz, a man who co-founded an energy drink company that would eventually become one of the world’s largest sports empires, has died, his company confirmed Saturday. He was 78.

Born in Austria in 1944, Mateschitz founded Red Bull GmbH alongside Thai businessman Chaleo Yoovidhya in 1984. The brand would become the top energy drink company in the world, with Mateschitz owning 49 percent of the company.

Long known for aggressive and innovative marketing   …  More

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60 fps upscaled clip from the 1966 MGM film “Grand Prix” (please watch in 1080p60). This video consists largely of the actual footage filmed during the 1966 Monaco Grand Prix sessions. (except for onboard camera scenes)

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Formula 1 World Champion Max Verstappen enjoyed a chilled start to 2022 as he put some laps in on an ice track against Austrian Speedway legend Franky Zorn. On his first drive back in an F1 car in 2022 with the number 1 on his helmet, Max pitted for some special spiked tyres and had some fun on the GP Ice Race circuit.

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Formula 1 cars are one of the fastest vehicles in the world, but how much horsepower does one F1 car actually generate?

Formula 1 is the fastest form of motorsport in the world. This makes it the most coveted Championship, which every young driver wishes to win someday. But what makes these cars fast? What are the engines that power these cars to glory?

In F1, there are four engine suppliers as of now. They are namely Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and the Red Bull powertrains. Honda was a manufacturer for Red Bull and Alpha Tauri until 2021, but decided to leave the sport thereafter. As a result, the Austrian team have launched their own powertrain division …  More

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