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Six-year-old “A” (name withheld upon request) was growing up plagued with anxiety. Living in a community in central Israel, his mother “S” told JNS that her now ex-husband, the boy’s father, was both physically and mentally abusive towards his son.

“We were living minute to minute through very difficult times” she said. “I was trying to secure my freedom from this man, and instead of giving me a get [a Jewish divorce document], he fled. So in addition to the angst from the abuse, my son was living with a hole in his heart while also battling painful memories.” She was at a loss on how to help her son get by.

Through a neighbor, “S” learned about Geerz—a therapeutic, mountain-biking program   …  More

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When Paul Clifton was a teenager growing up in Salinas, Calif., he knew which way the wind was blowing by following the scent of chocolate from a nearby factory. He used this as a clue to the day’s surfing conditions — his first passion was out in the waves of the Pacific. As director of winemaking for Hahn Family Wines in the Santa Lucia Highlands, his other passion is now in the vineyard, where his surfing knowledge has proven unexpectedly applicable.

“As a surfer, you are really tuned in with the weather,” says Clifton. Understanding the fog, wind, and sun gave him perspective on   …  More

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Aging is a slow, steady, continuous, and adaptive process of physiological deterioration. So, how can surfers adapt to the different life stages?

We can’t – and never will be able to – stop the passage of time.

Life is a one-off golden opportunity that we should cherish every time we wake up in the morning.

When we’re young, we don’t care about age and aging. It’s not a problem, and it has   …  More

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In this video I hung out with my good friend Nic Laidlaw from Balanced Studio to chat about his ideas behind preparing the surfer’s body for optimal performance!

Nic brings an in-depth knowledge of human physiology to the table and couples it with a grounded awareness of people’s movement restrictions and habits!

Today Nic gave us 4 exercises to do to unwind the body from surfing and to better prepare it for getting back out in the ocean each day. By strengthening what is weak and stretching what is tight we can certainly achieve a more balanced physiology which assists us in performing our best on the waves!

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