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Are you feeling extremely down? Put on a wetsuit, grab a surfboard, and let the ocean and the waves fill your soul with positivity and liveliness.

Surfing heals. Believe it or not, surfing has already helped thousands of people, young and old, men and women, deal with suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, PTSD and many other mental illnesses.

Yes, surfing can save lives. And when it comes to suicide   …  More

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Addiction is a growing concern. It affects the individuals going through it, their work, the people surrounding them, and society in general. The government even spends quite a lot to cover the costs of substance abuse.

Numerous efforts and methods were developed in order to address the issue. For example, the best drug treatment centers in the US offer programs for the specific needs of each person. Gladly, these yielded positive results that   …  More

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A firsthand report from Hawaii Eco Diver’s renowned APNEA and Surf Survival Training Course.

Quite a few years ago, while I was learning the ropes to surfing bigger waves out at solid Sunset Beach, one of those set waves that the old-timers always talk about marched in from the west and caught everyone with their pants down. (As in: It had us scratching for the horizon, even though we were already a half-mile offshore, and then subsequently had us bailing our boards and diving down to let the first – of about five waves – steamroll over us.)

Trying to remain as calm as I could when over 20 feet of water is   …  More

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Former pro rider Ryan Mills shares his story of how a BMX injury lead him to ten years of drug addiction and what it took to finally get back on his bike.

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