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Are you pregnant? Do you want to go surfing? Here’s some advice for women who want to surf through pregnancy.

Some women can’t resist the temptation to merge two special moments – their pregnancy, and their intimate moment with the ocean.

In other words – only a surfer knows the feeling. So, if you’re a self-confessed wave riding addict, can you stay out of the surf for nine months?

Surfing when pregnant is not forbidden. However   …  More

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Sunburns are extremely dangerous. Know what to do when the skin is excessively exposed to the sun. Learn how to soothe the pain and treat a sunburn.

The sun is one of the best providers of vitamin D, but sometimes a sunburn occurs when we least expect, for example, in the first days of spring.

Dermatologists have been spreading the word for quite a while – avoid prolonged exposure to the sun between   …  More

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Surfers have always smoked cannabis to enhance the wave riding experience and the connection with the ocean. But the flipside of relaxation might make you think twice before lighting a pre-surf marijuana joint.

In theory, you don’t need to smoke pot to experience the thrill of surfing at its purest form. If you need an extra metaphysical sensation, try closing eyes while trimming a wave towards the sun.

In practice, there’s nothing more straightforward   …  More

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To surf, or not to surf. That’s the question many of us frequently face, when a deluge falls from above, surface streets are lined with tributaries, and bacterial runoff rushes towards the ocean. But, there’s waves – and the little surf demon inside our brain prods us to paddle out, drowning out the angel of better judgement. As California continues to experience an exceptionally wet winter, Golden State surfers have been confronted with the post-rain surf conundrum more often than usual. Luckily, the Surfrider Foundation just completed a three-year study exploring the dangers of surfing during or after a rain. The report examined    …  More

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