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There’s a growing debate over whether surfing should be allowed during the coronavirus pandemic.

A news story from San Diego quotes a scientist who says coronavirus droplets could be spreading in the sea breeze. That scientist hasn’t returned our inquiries.

But Hawaii’s health director, a surfer himself, isn’t buying it.

“I disagree with that,” said Dr. Bruce Anderson.

“I think surfing by its very nature reinforces  …  More

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A chat with Surfrider about sewage pollution and potential COVID-19 transmission

COVID-19 has the world in a panic. Grocery-store shelves are emptying, countries are on lockdown and we’re all doing our best to stem this quickly-spreading pathogen. Some of us are looking to head to the ocean for a little respite, and with good reason. But is surfing safe in these times, especially in Southern California, which has recently experienced its fair share of rain? Most surfers in Southern California — especially those located in San Diego County — are accustomed to hearing warnings about avoiding the ocean for 72 hours after   …  More

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A video portrait of Indigenous artist and Billabong surfer Otis Carey. We are incredibly grateful for Otis sharing his journey with mental health and the tools that have helped him navigate depression.

“I didn’t understand my brain and how it was working and what it needed. But when I found art, it really calmed my mind down,” – Otis Carey.

Our mental health video series ‘The Common Thread’ sees Being Here director Darius Devas travel across Australia to meet young Australians from all walks of life, who open up about their mental ill health and share the tools and tactics that have supported their recovery.

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Are you struggling to keep up with your regular surfing habits while nursing your baby? Here’s how to get closer to reaching a satisfactory balance between motherhood and surfing.

With the birth of your first child, life changes a lot in a beautiful way, and you give a new meaning to the concept of absolute love.

Naturally, with motherhood comes hard work and thousands of sleepless nights.

Breastfeeding, waking up four, five or six times every night   …  More

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