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Graphic Designer Wanted

Stoked News is looking for graphic designers who skateboard, snowboard, mt bike, bmx, surf, etc.  Can you express the “soul” of your sport, something you can “feel” and without all the in-your-face branding of the big corporations.  It needs to be a celebration of what feel action sports should be about: having fun with your friends and not an ad for a multi-million dollar corporation.  Use your artistic talents to make some extra $’s.

Artists please contact me for details at:

If you’re interested in checking out the t-shirts when available, email me at:

Suns out, buns out: This is the summer of the beach thong. At least that’s true of the heavenly bodies belonging to models such as Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid. The Kardashians are in on the trend too, turning the gaze of their selfies from their top halves to their bare bottom halves while lounging dressed in what some may refer to as “butt floss.” Even Sisqó is singing the “Thong Song” again, but with all of the hype that this teeny bikini bottom is getting, is it a trend that actually has traction in the real world? Thong bikinis were once the reserve of shapely beach bodies in Ipanema and St.-Tropez, but seem to be everywhere these days. It certainly takes a brave soul to   …  More

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When a company has been family-owned for as long as Body Glove has, it’s hard to imagine what it would look like under any other circumstances.

So when we got word earlier this month that the iconic surf brand had been acquired by New York-based acquisition and development company Marquee Brands, we had some questions on how Body Glove would make that transition—especially with so many of the Meistrell family members still guiding the ship   …  More

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It’s a lot like insecurities. You feel like you’re naked but no one else notices.

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