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Bruce Meyers was hanging out at Pismo Beach on California’s Central Coast one afternoon in 1963 when he saw something that both blew his mind and changed his life: a handful of old, stripped-down cars bouncing across the sand.

It sure would be fun to get behind the wheel of one of those, Meyers thought, if only they weren’t so ugly and didn’t appear so uncomfortable. He built his own solution: a “dune buggy” fashioned out of lightweight fiberglass mounted on four oversized tires with two bug-eyed looking headlights and a blindingly bright paint job.

The result would become both an overnight automotive sensation and one of the talismans of California surf culture, especially when he created a space in the back to   …  More

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Riding The KAMAZ Truck like never before… This is some serious wakeboarding!

Russian athletes introduced a KAMAZ racing semi truck to wakeboarding. The result: world’s first mid-air tricks 33 feet off the ground at 50 MPH!

Russian wakeboarding star Nikita Martyanov and KAMAZ-Master team pilot Anton Shibalov broke down the borders between two extreme sports. Nikita saw a picture of a KAMAZ truck ripping down a levee across an artificial lake and thought to himself: “What if that mad truck towed me?

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The Central Poland Championship Finals
Race track MX Barbara

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