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Because the the act of “getting there” is as much a part of surfing’s story as the actual waveriding.

There has always been something inherently charming about the expectations of surf.

More so than any other endeavor, anticipating and arriving at a surf destination has weaved itself into our culture. From a flight descending to a palm-lined isle in the middle of the blue ocean to the romantic images of a singlefin strapped to a van, the act of getting there is as much a part of surfing’s story as the actual waveriding. Even the most pasty-faced tourist family knows there’s something special about Kam Highway or PCH   …  More

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Seven routes for the four-wheeling surf explorer

Cars and surfers go together like burnt rubber and asphalt. Look at the history – from woodies to hippie vans, Baja-bound super trucks to soccer-mom minivans crammed with hyperactive kids and potato-chip boards. But surfing’s embrace of car culture isn’t so much a hobby, as it is a necessity.

How else would we get to the beach? Ever tried taking public transport with a board in tow? Not fun.

Yet still, there’s more to the car/surfer relationship than transportation utility. Occasionally, you want to   …  More

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When it comes to beaches, in Australia we’re blessed with waves and beauty (and a climate hard to top). There’s the wild, rugged coastline of Margaret River, the famous peaks of Bells Beach and the longboarder dreamscape that is The Pass in Byron Bay.

Manly in Sydney, Burleigh to Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast, and Noosa have even been recognised for   …  More

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This summer the open road is calling… We’re taking a break the only way we know how, enjoying the sights and sounds of America on a truly epic road trip! From crossing the Golden Gate Bridge to speeding down the Strip enjoy this awesome slice of Americana.

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