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A silent, black-and-white movie shot by Thomas A. Edison’s film studios. Features the oldest surf footage ever found, and several portraits of life in Hawaii in the early 20th century.

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The legacy and reality of driving from New York to California in less than two days

The warmth of Nebraska’s afternoon air and the steady drone of the car’s powerful V8 engine had lulled my exhausted body into a deep, although unsettled, sleep. Jolted awake by a sudden lurch to the left, I inhaled sharply, feeling out of place in the right-hand seat of my own car. My armpits were damp and a sheen of sweat glistened on my forehead.

I’d had a disturbing dream about something having gone wrong with the car. Back in the conscious world, the machine was still hurtling westward on I-80   …  More

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‘The Montana Way’ returns for a second season, with professional skier Amie Engerbretson guiding us across Highway 93, Montana’s ‘Powder Highway.’ This season’s episodes will explore Lost Trail Powder Mountain, Montana Snowbowl, and Whitefish Mountain Resort – as well as the lively local scenes that surround each.

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A closer look at the surf world’s newest waves

Is there anything more exciting in surfing than the discovery of a new wave? Locking eyeballs on a never-been-seen-before break gives surfers a deep, visceral thrill. Sure, we may never get to travel to deepest, dark Africa and surf The Snake or rock up to an isolated Indian Ocean archipelago and name a wave ourselves, but a discovery proves that the surfing universe is still expanding. There are still world-class waves breaking right now that haven’t been touched by human hands. The following waves were in that category up until recently. Some were well-kept secrets, some out and out discoveries and a couple were hiding in plain sight. They all, however, only entered the wider surfing consciousness in the 21st century   …  More

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