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Surfing has officially been banned at Nazaré after the Century Swell attracted thousands of spectators in the middle of a pandemic last week. The decision, made by Portugal’s National Health Commission likely wasn’t an easy one to make — Nazaré depends heavily on tourism, after all, and the draw of the world’s biggest wave is one of the best attractions on earth.

“In the current context of the pandemic,” wrote Jose Antonio Zeferino Henriques, Lieutenant Commander of the National Ministry of Defense, “Praia do Norte, municipality of Nazaré District of Leiria, is prohibited for the activities of  …  More

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Just like other college students all across the United States and Europe, Kleon Papadimitriou was forced to return home when college classes were canceled this spring due to the coronavirus.

But Papadimitriou faced a few extra complications in addition to the mass cancellation of flights that snarled everyone’s travel plans, according to CNN. He was attending the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, which is a long way from his home in Athens, Greece.

Although Europe does boast of such things as rental cars and trains, Papadimitriou did not want to  …  More

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“Hawaiian Islands” is a silent, black-and-white movie shot by Thomas A. Edison’s film studios in 1906.

Features the oldest surf footage ever found, and several portraits of life in Hawaii in the early 20th century, including fishing activities, shipping cattle, loading sugar, panoramic city views, etc.

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Whether you’re starting with surfing or you are an experienced surfer, there are a few towns you should visit.

Some of the most exciting surf travel destinations are located in large coastal cities.

These burghs allow you to explore their vibrant cultural life, enjoy the weather and environment, and connect with local people during   …

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