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French Hill Climb Championship (2019) came to Arette – France for round Impossible Climb. The race was a two-day event in the heart of a geographical beauty. This is a championship which is held since 1984 and you really see how serious the competitors are. The target is to cover a 230m hill which has a soft right curve and jumpy sections.

Day 1 was mostly a show-off and race day for stock dirt bikes, day 2 was the real deal. 56 competitors were ready with their modified bikes. Each competitor had 4 chances and whoever covers the most gets the trophy.

No one made it to the top at the end. The winner of the race was Vincent Mougenot who covered 222,15 meters at his 3rd try.

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This is part 2 of the weekend trip I took to Utah with Brandon Wilson to go ride mountain bikes in Virgin, Utah at the old Redbull Rampage sites. This video starts off with ripping 110 cc pit bikes in the coolest area I’ve ever had a chance to ride dirtbikes in Utah, Reed Boggs showed us around the desert and we rode some really rad terrain and even got to check out the 2019 Rampage zone with 110s. After riding 110s all day the next day we woke up early and headed to an old rampage zone from 2012 before the wind picked up, I had a goal this trip to spin a flat drop with my downhill bike and Brandon had a goal to hit a big drop. Reed took us to the spots to get it done. –  Dylan Stark

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Go behind the scenes of “Duct Out”

We’ve all been there—trapped in gridlock, inching along at a snail’s pace, slowly losing our sanity and wishing we could break free. In “Duct Out,” freeride motocross riders Tyler Bereman and Robbie Maddison do exactly that—they escape Los Angeles holiday weekend traffic by parking their truck, hopping on their dirt bikes and ripping through the city landscape to make it their personal playground. They pass iconic landmarks, tear through back alleys and crisscross the LA river aqueduct on their mission to navigate the path less travelled and escape the city’s freeway congestion.

Highlights along the way include the two riders taking a shortcut through the middle of Los Angeles City Hall, built in 1928, Bereman jumping the gap on Upper S. Grand Ave. with lower S. Grand Ave 34 feet below, and Maddison jumping from the 1st Street Bridge down into the Los Angeles River a whopping 46 feet below.

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MotorTrend is back on two wheels! Throttle Out stars two lifelong friends, Ari Henning and Zack Courts, as they take on the world – its culture, geography, and technology – through motorcycles. Enjoy the first episode of Throttle Out, where the boys attempt a 1,200-mile road trip down the Baja Peninsula on 125cc Honda Monkey minibikes.

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