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Suns out, buns out: This is the summer of the beach thong. At least that’s true of the heavenly bodies belonging to models such as Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid. The Kardashians are in on the trend too, turning the gaze of their selfies from their top halves to their bare bottom halves while lounging dressed in what some may refer to as “butt floss.” Even Sisqó is singing the “Thong Song” again, but with all of the hype that this teeny bikini bottom is getting, is it a trend that actually has traction in the real world? Thong bikinis were once the reserve of shapely beach bodies in Ipanema and St.-Tropez, but seem to be everywhere these days. It certainly takes a brave soul to   …  More

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In 2019, Quiksilver will celebrate 50 years.

The iconic Southern California brand has been through it all as one of the founding members of an industry that, today, has evolved and grown beyond anything that could have been forecasted.

But Quik, like many companies, has faced its fair share of growing pains over the years — most recently, filing for Chapter 11 for its US operations and undergoing an aggressive global restructuring  …  More

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Hawaii knows how to do bikinis!
2016 Billabong Pipe Masters was ????

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This year has been a busy one in terms of acquisitions within action and adventure sports.

It’s no secret that consolidation is happening within our industry, but some of the brighter stories are also found within companies taking their business private once again (Electric), and smaller brands scaling their business with reinforced infrastructure (Salty Crew).

Below, a look back on the year that was 2016   …  More

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