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Brayden Belden is a promising 11-year-old surfer from Laguna Beach, California. On Feb. 20 while snowboarding with his family at Mt. Bachelor in Oregon, Belden suffered a near-fatal head injury.

Belden was airlifted to Bend, Oregon where his parents met him at the hospital after driving through a blizzard to get there. They were informed that the injury was much more serious than initially thought and that he may only have hours to live.

Doctors hurried to stabilize Belden so he could   …  More

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The Coffins hope to raise funds for two firefighters who lost their homes.

Montecito, California and the surrounding areas are still reeling from the devastating Thomas Fire and mudslides/floods that it has been hit with this winter. Two professional surfers who travel the world but call Montecito their hometown have teamed up with the Changing Tides Foundation to put together a fundraiser for the victims.

Conner and Parker Coffin are aiming to help the families of two firefighters who lost their homes in the flood. As they note in their campaign …  More

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1,000 new subscribers by end of December or the plug gets pulled

Without 1,000 new subscribers by the end of the month to fund operations, the Encyclopedia of Surfing and its sister sites, History of Surfing and Above the Roar, will be taken offline.

When Matt Warshaw announced his new websites for HOS and ATR in January, joining EOS to form surf history’s royal triumvirate, the orbit of surf media slowed down. More specifically, it went backwards. Back to surfing’s beginnings, to its continental cross-pollinations. To its heroes, pioneers, and martyrs, figures whose lives were an effort to articulate that ineffable high of riding a wave. The life of a website today is a life of addition — what’s being added to the conversation, what’s now and new. HOS, along with EOS and ATR, reminds us that slowing down in the past, be it in an entry or a chapter, adds to our obsessive surf conversations is ways that going 85 and nine edits deep in the fast lane simply can’t, and never will.

Please, take a few minutes out of your day to  …  More

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Six-time SUP World Champion and ultimate waterman, Kai Lenny, sets forth on a challenging downwind journey through the Hawaiian Islands, all in one massive effort to raise awareness around plastic pollution. Alongside Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and The 5 Gyres Institute, the crew led the first-ever statewide beach cleanup on the Hawaiian Islands. Transported by various human-powered crafts, Kai traveled the 200 nautical miles through the Hawaiian channels to attend beach cleanups and empower communities around oceanic pollution.

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