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LaFerrari in Beverly Hills, this is a dream! My friend @wiresonly very kindly gave me the keys to his Ferrari LaFerrari to have some fun. Even though it has one of the greatest V12s of all time, I’m actually going to also show you the trick of the electric mode which most people don’t realise it has.

Painted in the dual tone Giallo with Nero roof, the hybrid hypercar looks stunning in the Los Angeles sunshine. The LaFerrari has a 6.3l NA V12 mated to a KERS electric system for 963hp (950bhp) and you can bet that it sounds fantastic. However, driving it around town actually took me a bit by surprise, which you will experience along with me during the drive. – Shmee

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Worst Case Scenario For Older Teslas Coming To Fruition As Some Won’t Charge And Screen Stops Working: Report

As evidenced by the army of bot-like social media accounts that yell at anyone who dare criticizes Elon Musk or Tesla, many people love their Teslas. But, the caveat there is most people love their new Teslas. The vast majority of Teslas on the road today are less than four years old. So we really don’t know how well they hold up.

And, speaking of, a Business Insider article reports of a serious issue affecting the flash storage onboard older Teslas. The issue, which was   …  More

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“Jay Leno’s Garage is one of the most famous car collections in the world and to be able to visit is incredibly special! Join me and Jay Leno himself for a tour to take in some of the eclectic mix of cars on display as we discover what’s within.

Inside the halls lie a huge variety of different automobiles, motorcycles and automotive memorabilia. From modern super and hypercars like the McLaren P1, Porsche Carrera GT, Ford GT and Acura NSX, to the almighty McLaren F1 and legendary classics like the Bugatti Type 35, Jaguar E-Type, Bentleys and Duesenbergs. There is no other collection like it in the world when it comes to sheer variety and to me also the impressive nature of Jay’s knowledge about each and every one of them.

Arriving for a visit with my Ford GT, being able to tour around and take it all in has always been a dream, but made even more exciting by Jay joining to show us around himself. Amongst the cars are so many other things to take in and spot lurking around as we explore – I’m sure many hours could be taken to run through everything in detail!” – Shmee

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