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         Ground Beef Effect – Jeddah Review

Holy cow!! In the annals of epic races, the inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix unquestionably ranks up at the sharp end; No shortage of drama, dueling, and mayhem.

The race began innocuously enough, 10 laps of clear sailing and hardly any incident to speak of anywhere, until Mick Schumacher took turn 23 a bit too hot and backed his Haas into the turn 22 barrier, his day done. With no chassis or tire failure forthcoming to explain the incident, this appears to be a case of simply asking too much of available grip. A rare big mistake from Mick.

With the scene of the accident on the far end of the circuit, it took some time for officials to evaluate the condition of the crash barriers, and once it was realised human power was insufficient to move the barriers back into their spaced-apart arrangement, the red flag was thrown as heavy equipment was now required to be on-track. Smart, because it was the barrier spacing which provided the crash energy absorption required to prevent Mick’s car from rebounding back onto the racing line. Kudos to the barrier design, and to the importance given to setting them back up appropriately  …  More


Roadbeef is a member of the Stoked News family.  His Facebook page is dedicated to promoting simracing, real racing and streamer personality exploits of RoadBeef.  He regularly posts simracing, videogaming and motorsports content and invites all discussion!

He is LIVE on Twitch every Weds, Thurs, Fri and Sat. afternoons, PST (Gran Turismo, War Thunder, Path of Exile and WSR League Commentary)

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The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is a remarkable place to test athletes and vehicles, in part because it is so brutal and unpredictable. Unfortunately, the same things that make it exciting also make it incredibly dangerous.

The race has claimed seven lives, most recently motorcycle racer Carlin Dunne this past year, a four-time winner of the event. This led the organizers to suspend motorcycle competition for 2020   …  More

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The 2015 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals Presented by Garmin VIRB brought 4 days of incredible competition and lived up to it’s name as the world’s largest motorsports competition. 1228 drivers set a new record for the largest Solo National Championships ever. Pink flamingos, pools and palm trees were in abundance as the tropical theme continued with the event slogan, ‘The Return 2 Concrete Beach’.

There was trouble in paradise with the intermittent rain throughout the event, and many classes were fraught with inconsistent run conditions. But that didn’t stop competitors from some amazing drives and proving why this is one of the most exciting motorsports events in the country.

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Enjoy the 2015 Redwood Region autocross video from the mind of Drew Powers.  He is part of the Stoked News/Powers family and is very, very fast in the family’s red 356 sunroof coupe.

The video was filmed during the 9 month long 2015 autocross season at the club’s Santa Rosa location in Northern California.  The 2016 season starts up again in March and we can’t wait.

Thanks to Drew for his many hours of hard work filming and editing this video.

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