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Welcome to a unique and exciting racing experience on the world’s first spinning ice race track! We’ve built an innovative ice carousel with a rotating race track in the center, offering a new and interesting challenge for racers.

In this video, we show you how we used chainsaws to carefully cut and shape the ice, creating the spinning ice track. You’ll see racers testing their skills and speed on the rotating surface, making for a fascinating winter activity. We also take you behind the scenes, giving you a closer look at the hard work and dedication that went into constructing the spinning ice track.

To capture the best views of the action, we’ve used drones for aerial footage, providing a different perspective on this remarkable racing experience. Join us as we explore this innovative ice carousel and the thrilling challenge of racing on a spinning ice track. We hope you enjoy this new and exciting adventure as much as we do!

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All throughout the Bay Area, city streets, parks and trails alike have seen bicycles take a step back in favor of what seems to be their successor: electric bicycles.

Ever since their introduction, e-bikes have been wildly controversial, particularly with regards to unpaved trails. For years, land management groups in the Bay Area have been trying to adapt to the evolving scene, taking into account the potential impacts electric bikes can have.

Some regions, like the Marin County Open Space District …  More

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May 29, 2022 E-bikes are brilliant but just how capable are they, how far can they really go when it comes to climbing? Thanks to our friends at Ribble we’ve brought one to one of the world’s most famous climbs, the Stelvio Pass in Italy to see if we get over this epic climb!

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The governor wants millions of people to drive EVs. What happens to the batteries when they get old is another issue.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has big EV plans for the state. California is the largest EV market in the country, and on Jan. 26, the governor announced a $10 billion proposal to transition the state to clean energy and get people driving EVs. But as Southern California news outlet the Daily Bulletin reports, when these EVs inevitably get old, no one seems to know how to handle or dispose of the old batteries.

We here at Jalopnik have touched on this looming problem before   …  More

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