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Sora Shirai led a Japanese men’s podium sweep and Yumeka Oda won her maiden women’s crown as the host nation wrapped up the street skateboarding world championships in resounding fashion Sunday at Tokyo’s Ariake Coliseum.

Underscoring its status as the sport’s emerging powerhouse, Japan accounted for five of the six medalists and nine of the 16 qualifiers for the men’s and women’s finals.

Olympic champion Momiji Nishiya won   …  More

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The project, named “WakeBASE,” involved a unique combination of drone wakeskating and BASE jumping. The setting for this feat was at the Address Beach Resort in Dubai, featuring a Guinness World Record-holding infinity pool situated 294 meters above sea level.

Grubb’s challenge began with him wakeskating 94 meters across the rooftop pool, towed by a specially engineered drone.  The stunt culminated with Grubb executing a BASE jump from the pool’s edge, descending 77 stories before landing successfully on the beach below.

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Most people will flee in terror when they encounter a shark in the open ocean.

But a professional diver has revealed why swimming away from these apex predators is the most dangerous move.

Kayleigh Nicole Grant, founder of an ocean safari company, showed that it’s best to always stand your ground, face the shark, and — if it keeps coming at you — gently …  More

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