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Landed this trick during the 2015 Nitro Circus Australian Regional Tour. After 2 years and over 100 attempts, I finally managed to roll away from the hardest trick I have ever done! Here is the story behind it. – Ryan Williams

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Pack your mopeds and your costumes because Red Bull Epic Rise 2017 is here! The 4th edition of the competition for customized mopeds where participants (aka “Epic Riders”) have to battle each other on the steep slope of a track trying to reach its top. Dirt, motorbikes and one goal: get up the hill the fastest and win.

Would you and your moped make it?

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The video you have all been waiting for, Ryan Williams Mini Scooter vs The Nitro Circus Mega Ramp!

“During the 10th stop Australian Regional tour stop I decided to bring my mini scooter along to test out and size up the ramp on it. Sure enough I gave in and tried a straight front flip over the 32 foot gap!

I also managed to pull off another Front flip Double Grab on BMX during the show and a bunch of other crazy tricks got landed!” – Ryan Williams

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