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Get an inside look at the incredible Skateistan school in Mazar-e-Sharif, built in 2013. This facility is truly unique in Afghanistan, where safe spaces for children are exceptionally rare… And a place – just for kids – with skateparks, classrooms, and a climbing wall? Unthinkable.

Until now!

Please help us raise $60,000 this December to keep the Skateistan schools safe and thriving.

Why? It matters for kids to have safe places to play, especially those living in difficult circumstances or in a conflict situation. In places like Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa, the streets aren’t a safe place for children. We know the value of a warm meal and school supplies, but Skateistan’s programs provide all that and more. Children deserve more – they deserve a childhood. They deserve an escape from the realities and stresses of growing up in extremely difficult settings.

This video was 100% produced by Skateistan’s Youth Leaders in Afghanistan.

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Of course some snowboarders are jerks, just like some skiers are jerks, some cyclists are jerks, some landscape gardeners are jerks, and some watercolor artists are jerks. There isn’t much of a correlation between how someone chooses to slide down a mountain and his or her overall level of assholeness.

It’s likely that most people who perceive snowboarders as obnoxious are skiers, because historically there has been   …   More

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Volume 7: “Rocketship to Reykjavik: discovers Roark in a more volatile latitude shrouded by 5 hours of daylight, snow storms, Icelandic death metal and a vodka induced haze. Once again, someone is looking for him and unaware of Roark’s purpose in the world. The collection is inspired by a rugged land unlike any other, the descendants of Vikings and an auditory magic only found deep within the Fjords of Iceland.

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Christoph Hoerner and Daniel Feichtinger make an epic trek down the infamous Austrian Alps.

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Manon Carpenter’s stellar success in 2014 marked a high point on a journey that started back in the Welsh valleys and has been clearly mapped out with a Junior World Cup and World Championships, Elite World Cup Podiums and everything in between. The pressure may now be on for repeat success in 2015 and some may call 2014 luck, but in the words of Manon “You make your own luck”.

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