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Members of the motorsports industry are wondering why the government has adopted a rule virtually eliminating a key constituency – and possibly thousands of jobs – while at the same time developing a nearly trillion-dollar stimulus that supporters say is intended to create and protect employment.

At issue is a new federal regulation of lead that took effect just this month. The policy has virtually shut down the part of the motorsports industry that serves children under 12 who want to ride all-terrain vehicles and motorbikes, because some components of the machines – such as tire valve stems – contain lead.

“You’ve got a lot of kids involved in this,” Don Amador, western representative for the the Blue Ribbon Commission, told WND today. “But ATVs, dirt bikes have batteries  in them, components that use lead inside the valve stems on tires, lead in the electronic wiring, lead on battery terminals.” …  More info


Effective today, February 10, 2009, all youth ATV and motorcycles are banned from dealer floors, service shops and made illegal to sell by anyone in the United States.

This is actually happening. It’s not made up or exaggerated. You cannot buy a youth (defined as being intended for children 12-years old and younger) motorcycle or ATV. You can’t even buy one from a private party or your own parents.

That means no more models such as the Honda CRF50—long standing as the largest selling production motorcycle in …  More info


Retailers across the country are yanking shoes, toys, Valentine’s gifts and other children’s goods from shelves to comply with a strict lead law that took effect Tuesday.

The repercussions of the hotly debated Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which bans the sale of children’s products containing dangerous amounts of lead and chemicals called phthalates, began rippling through the industry as manufacturers realized the law wasn’t going away….  More info


As I was coming back into town the other day from an invigorating ride, I came across a fellow cyclist who had been involved in an accident on her bike over the winter.

Her misfortune was due to a collision she had with a dog that chased her when she was in the vicinity of the dog owner’s property. I hope the following article by Fred Matheny and Ed Pavelka will be helpful in avoiding future mishaps with our canine friends as we take to the open roads this cycling season. 

Dog attacks are high on the list of cycling fears…  More info

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