Riders in order of appearance: Sponge & Brian Horecky, Trevor Watring, Cody Chitwood, Brenden Wargo & Brant Moore, Danny Cattarin, Drew Brown, Skunk, Preston Higginbotham, Cody Pederson and Dustin Reese

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Let’s admit it, we get lazy this time of year.

While others spend their entire their summer getting their bods beach-ready, we’re just recovering. Come warm weather season, our bodies are sore and worn out after another season stuffing our feet into ski boots and destroying our legs, not to mention our livers.

While it may not seem like it, it’s going to start snowing again soon. Now is the perfect time to dust off those old ski muscles and get back into peak winter shape. Here’s a list of the best off-season training tips to  …  More

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Every wave-rider has had that moment of watching surfing on some kind of screen. Maybe it was an ideal wave from some remote point halfway around the globe. Perhaps it was flawless surfing. Maybe it was Tom Curren?

Either way, it simply made you want to surf more than anything in the world. And there are seminal films that have defined each era.

By most accounts, the first surf filmmaker was Bud Brown, who made some 17 films beginning as far back as the early 1950s. But when you talk about who brought surfing to the world, that would be Bruce Brown (no relation).

In fact, you could go so far as to call Bruce Brown the godfather of all action-sports films, as he was   …  Videos and More

Best Clip from “The Endless Summer”

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Featuring: Chris Logan, Parker White, Duncan Adams, Mike King and Tanner Rainville

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