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“Just go in,” said the woman’s voice, “There’s nobody there at the moment but the house is open. Yours is room two, upstairs.”

I was calling ahead to the small guesthouse where we had booked a room. Slightly bewildered, I looked across at my travelling buddy, Martín. “It’s cool man, aquí no roban” he said, in his usual mix of Argentine Spanish and South African English.

This place was nothing like   …  More

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… provide them with HOT WATER during snowy break, forcing them to take icy showers

A group of snowboarders were horrified to learn there was no hot water at their snowy Lake Tahoe rental – and even more outraged when Airbnb told them the owner was under no obligation to provide it.

Alexander Yee travelled from Alameda in northern California to the wintry getaway in the Sierra Nevada mountains to spend some time skiing and snowboarding.

The group believed they’d found a bargain with the three-bedroom, three-bathroom property priced at just $186-a-night  …  More

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It’s difficult to imagine surfing without Kelly Slater. And after more than three decades dominating the sport, it’s just as hard for the 11-time world champion to envision his life without it.

But soon, both will need to find a way to move on. “At some point, everything comes to an end,” Slater, 50, tells PEOPLE.

The surf legend recently spoke with   …  More

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