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Snowboard – The Best Worst Road Trip Ever

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You know those road trip movies like National Lampoon’s Vacation where absolutely everything that can go wrong does? And you think there is no way all these horrible things could happen in one road trip, that it becomes over the top and hilarious. Well I recently did just that, everything that could go wrong did, except for maybe the dead grandmother, pulling a dog behind the bumper, and Wally World.

My friend from New York City, Matt Petricone, was in town for the weekend and naturally he wanted to go snowboarding. I had suggested Bear Mountain, since this was a last minute trip and Bear is one of the closer resorts being only about 2 hours away from Southern California. But Matt seemed to really want to go to Mammoth since he wanted to get some powder turns in. Knowing that it hadn’t snowed at Mammoth for a bit, I agreed anyway because this was his first time riding in California and I didn’t want to spoil it for him. Normally when you  …  Pictures & More

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