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HE could live anywhere in the world but three-time world surfing champion Mick Fanning is spending his winnings on the Gold Coast building a luxury beach pad not far from where he has lived since the age of 12.

The superstar surfer, who won his third ASP world championship title this month and earns more than $2 million a year, has almost finished the three-storey southern Gold Coast mansion.

Fanning is no stranger to the property market   …  More

Quiksilver released its 10-k report, which takes a comprehensive look at the company’s earnings and operating costs for 2013 compared to the last several years. Quiksilver brought in $1.8 billion in revenue for 2013, down from $1.9 billion in 2012, with a solid 71% of revenue coming from its wholesale channels, 25% from retail, and 4% from e-commerce. The Americas region remains the strongest for the brands under the Quik umbrella, generating $893 million in 2013, followed by Europe with $632M, and Asia Pacific trailing at $282M.

The company also outlined details behind its Profit Improvement Plan, which includes   …  More

Rob Roskopp is the founder and president of Santa Cruz Bicycles and a damn good bike rider. The man doesn’t mince words, especially when the subject is about his bikes. Roskopp has never dealt me a sales pitch in the two decades I’ve known him and he expects the same in return. The same can be said of the entire crew, from the factory in its namesake city, to the Syndicate pits at the World Cups. Half man, half beast, Roskopp is the best of both – devoted to family, fiercely competitive, loyal to those who earn his trust, calculating when it comes to risk, and courageous when called to decision. While there is no question who is boss, the respect is mutual. The vibe from top to bottom at Santa Cruz is all about   …  More

Neil Pryde will retire as Managing Director of Pryde Group, on the 31st December, 2013.

The man who founded one of the most important windsurfing brands of the history of the sport will step down after 43 years of work and innovation.

“The decision for me to step back from active management of the company that I founded 43 years ago is obviously a significant milestone in the company’s history and in my life   …  More