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Right now some of the world’s best surfers have no major sponsor. Traditionally the companies who pay surfers the most money have their logo placed on the nose of the surfer’s board. When the contracts go, so do the stickers. Here are six of the best who currently have plenty of surfboard real estate up for sale  …  More

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In the US motorcycle market, Harley-Davidson has long been the choice of bikers who want a big, loud, comfortable cruiser, or a bike with some deep, made-in-the-USA credibility.

Sure, there are some big bikes and cruisers from other manufacturers, but this particular style of motorcycle has long been associated with a roaring Harley V-Twin-engined hog.

At least until   …  More

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… Okay, so picture the scene: there we were, flicking through, err, bike websites, when out the corner of our eye, we saw the news that xHamster, the third most popular porn website on the internet, are now sponsoring Italian cycling team Promosport Racing.

Ranked by Alexa as one of the 100 most popular websites across the entire internet, xHamster released a  …  More

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If you tuned into the Burton U.S. Open of Snowboarding on Thursday, you might have noticed a unique sight: Louie Vito, a two-time X Games gold medalist, riding the halfpipe on a snowboard without a major brand logo plastered on its underside. In years past, that piece of prime advertising real estate would have surely carried the logo of a board sponsor, but now, as detailed in a new report by The New York Times, with declining sales in the snowboard industry, many riders are finding themselves without, fighting to make a living.

The report details how, for just more than five years in a row   …  More

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