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SheRide, a Durango Mountain Resort-based series of snowboard camps, is dedicated to offering women a safe and different experience from trying to “keep up with the boys.”

Julie Visnich, the founder and director of SheRide, says, “Our top priority is helping women meet their goals and have a fantastic time. Our team does everything we can to jump in and get to know you from the start. We’re happiest when you’re happy.”

SheRide is conducting its latest camp at …  More info



Read on and find out why STANCE might just be wearing the pants come Fall ’09.

So why the hell would two dudes decide to make an all-female snowboard film? Aren’t there plenty of riders, male and female, around SLC to shoot with? …  More in


For the action sports industry in 2009, it’s all about keeping your head above water.

Already struggling with a glut of inventory, the $14.4 billion industry is forecasting sales to fall as much as 25 percent this year. Some surfboard makers say their business is down 30 percent to 40 percent as consumers put off larger purchases.

With numbers like that, industry insiders say some brands will disappear and the economic undertow will pull down a number of mom-and-pop shops, considered the backbone of the business because of their connection to the core action sports customer….  More info



Forget technique. The thing that holds most Brits back when they hit the mountains in winter is fitness. After all, a life of texting, typing and the occasional trip to the supermarket is hardly adequate preparation for a week of relentless physical activity in an oxygen-depleted environment.

Add a little vin chaud into the equation and it’s no wonder we’re wrecks by the middle of our holiday.

In a perfect world, we’d remedy this situation by undertaking a carefully structured ski-fitness course…  More info