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Road bikes vs gravel bikes, they’re similar looking, yet very different bikes, let’s delve into the differences

Gravel has been the hot button topic over the past couple of years with everybody and their cousin talking about wheel sizes, flared drop bars, tyre width and tread pattern, but for the uninitiated, the road bike vs gravel bike question might seem strange at first, as they may not look all that different on the surface; they both have drop bars, two triangles, and roll on 700c wheels and tyres (at least some of the time).

In the same way that a cross-country mountain bike differs from a trail or enduro bike, a gravel bike and a road bike exhibit a wide variety of design elements which allow the bike to excel in a specific arena.

Road bike vs gravel bike: What are they supposed to do?   …  More

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On Saturday 12 September, Swiss rider Manuel Scheidegger set a new world record in rear wheel riding. The previous record of 25.86 km was clearly surpassed with 30.95 km. The wheelie world record is about covering as many kilometres as possible on the rear wheel in one hour. The front wheel must never touch the ground, otherwise the attempt would be aborted. The world record was set on a 400-metre athletics track in Gümligen (near Bern).

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A German doctor accused of being the mastermind of an international blood-doping network that was dismantled last year went on trial in Munich on Wednesday. Sports physician Mark Schmidt, 42, and four co-defendants who allegedly aided him, are accused of helping at least two dozen athletes undergo blood transfusions to boost performance illicitly from “the end of 2011 at the latest”, according to state prosecutors.

“We accuse this sports doctor and his helpers of using doping substances on a commercial basis and in gangs,” senior prosecutor Anne Leiding told Munich’s regional court.

If found guilty, Schmidt and his co-defendants could be   …  More

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Right now our roadie friends are in the middle of the Tour de France. Legendary climbs, historic villages, magnificent landscapes! The whole world is watching them.

Right here we’re offering our Tour de France, in our own way, with Kilian Bron as the lone breakaway

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