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The first time you see Charles McDonald on a bike, you’ll probably doubt what you just saw.

McDonald, 39, of Bellevue, never planned to be an advocate, or an inspiration.  “All I have to do is ride down the street, and it seems to strike a chord with somebody. … I guess it’s a shock to people.”

He now gets phone calls from people all over the world, asking for advice   …  Video and more

Dear Lennard,
Does bike weight really matter?

I’m about to invest in a better bike now that I’m taking riding more seriously, and I’m looking at the different options depending on the frame materials.

I happen to be an engineer, so I wondered how much bike weight actually matters when climbing. Say that I’m going up a climb that can be as steep as    …  More

My name is Steve Walker. I’m a butcher, I’m married (sometimes happily, sometimes not), have two kids, a cat, an artificial greenhouse (that blows over in 5mph winds), two deep filled vegetable plots (that the local cats use as their toilet), a water feature (that has never worked and gives me electric shocks), a tree in the garden (that’s so big that friggin giants move in and out of it, and it blocks out the day light and costs a fortune to have pruned), a badger (which I don’t actually own) with a bad attitude, who attacks me on my weekly night ride, and I’ve got a strange obsession with alpacas and why they look just like lamas, but are called alpacas.

However, my biggest problem is that I  …  More

Beginning in 2013, USA Cycling will enact the following changes as it relates to upgrades to road and cyclo-cross licenses.

Cyclo-cross Upgrades

The cyclo-cross upgrade section was rewritten to more closely match the road. There are two ways to upgrade, voluntary and mandatory. The number of points is now given for each of the mandatory upgrades. Please note that junior women are exempt from a mandatory upgrade to Category 2.

Cyclo-cross riders must upgrade from   …  More

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