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The Ayasse is what kayak dreams are made of…Such an incredible river tucked away in a hidden valley in the Souther Alps.

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This video gives you a look into the record high decent of the Little White Salmon. This push in level came after a steady week of running the river at flood stage and many years of training, learning, and making up these high water lines. A bit of luck always comes with catching rivers at particular flows…And it just so happened that myself, Isaac Levinson, and Ben Marr decided to drop into the LW on the morning of January 28th 2020 and explore the limits of our favorite river in the world. – Evan Garcia

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There’s a growing debate over whether surfing should be allowed during the coronavirus pandemic.

A news story from San Diego quotes a scientist who says coronavirus droplets could be spreading in the sea breeze. That scientist hasn’t returned our inquiries.

But Hawaii’s health director, a surfer himself, isn’t buying it.

“I disagree with that,” said Dr. Bruce Anderson.

“I think surfing by its very nature reinforces  …  More

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The Arctic Circle limits the polar area. This far north the sun doesn’t rises above the horizon in winter and in summer it stays up day and night. That was something Eike Köhler and Basti wanted to experience. So they started a more than 1000 km long journey to the north. The film «Into the Waves II – Paddling to the Arctic Circle« tells their story with its ups and downs in a breathtaking landscape.

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