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… provide them with HOT WATER during snowy break, forcing them to take icy showers

A group of snowboarders were horrified to learn there was no hot water at their snowy Lake Tahoe rental – and even more outraged when Airbnb told them the owner was under no obligation to provide it.

Alexander Yee travelled from Alameda in northern California to the wintry getaway in the Sierra Nevada mountains to spend some time skiing and snowboarding.

The group believed they’d found a bargain with the three-bedroom, three-bathroom property priced at just $186-a-night  …  More

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Bobby Picket sings his Halloween classic Monster Mash live On New York At Night with Clint Holmes (1991)

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Red Bull president and CEO Dietrich Mateschitz, a man who co-founded an energy drink company that would eventually become one of the world’s largest sports empires, has died, his company confirmed Saturday. He was 78.

Born in Austria in 1944, Mateschitz founded Red Bull GmbH alongside Thai businessman Chaleo Yoovidhya in 1984. The brand would become the top energy drink company in the world, with Mateschitz owning 49 percent of the company.

Long known for aggressive and innovative marketing   …  More

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Duane Hansen says he knew if he wanted to break the world record for pumpkin sailing, he had to grow the pumpkin himself.

A farmer in Nebraska who’s been growing 200–400-pound gourds for a decade, Hansen appeared well-suited for the task.

So, when his giant pumpkin, Berta, started adding 15 pounds per day, he got to work on his plan to turn it into a makeshift boat, one he says would carry him 38 miles down the Missouri River, from Bellevue to Nebraska City.

This past Saturday, in an 846-pound pumpkin   …  Pictures & More

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