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STEPHEN Hill, 52, and his brothers Peter, 50, and Matt, 45, never set out to make a business out of skating.

“We only knew one thing, which was skating. So our motivation for making money out of skating was to skate, not to make money,” Peter said.

They were basically “unemployable”, determined to buck the system and be forever young  …  More

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SurfStitch, the online surf clothing store, is taking over the world. Or, our world at least. The surf world.

The company, which came into existence in a Northern Beaches backyard seven years ago, was worth $214 million last December, when the founders Justin Cameron and Lex Pederson finally bought out of their parent company (Billabong held a 51 per cent stake).

Today, SurfStitch is worth   …  More

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SurfStitch has bought the iconic surf fin manufacturer FCS for 17.1 million dollars.

The online retailer launched in 2007 by Justin Cameron and Lex Pedersen acquired 100% of the shares of Surf Hardware International (SHI), the company behind the brands FCS, Gorilla, Hydro, and Softech.

“The acquisition of SHI  …  More

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Ferrari roared onto the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday and its shares, trading under the ticker symbol RACE, closed higher in their public debut.

Shares of Ferrari climbed almost 17 percent in early trading and settled for the day at $55, up 6 percent while the broader markets edged lower.

The automaker, based in the northern Italian town of Maranello, had been a private company since its founding in 1929 by Italian sports driver Enzo Ferrari.

In 1969, Fiat bought a 50 percent stake in the company  …  More

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