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The humor got lost in translation.

Canadian bobsledders posted pictures of themselves wearing few articles of clothing but lots of facial hair. Several of them couldn’t keep a straight face, perhaps because bobsledder Justin Kripps taking the picture could keep a straight face, or perhaps because there was something inherently un-straight about the pose.

For reasons that remain as mysterious as those that caused the bobsledders to   …  More

An open-wheeled IndyCar and a streamlined bobsled may seem worlds apart, but for David Cripps – a former engineer for IndyCar Series team Panther Racing that’s now helping the U.S. bobsled team in Sochi – his new job isn’t much different from his old one.

“My responsibilities are very similar to an IndyCar race engineer. I am basically responsible for the performance, reliability, development and day-to-day running of the sleds,” Cripps told IndyCar’s official website ahead of training runs in Russia. “There has been a fairly large amount of development upgrades coming up to the Games.”     …  More

If you want the real story behind the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, this winter, the best source is the athletes themselves. Thanks to social media feeds, all of us can now befriend some of the most talented winter athletes and feel like we’re there, too. These 10 ladies are not only aiming for the podium, they’re doing so with style, grace, and a lot of good selfies    …  Pictures and more

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