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Surfers have plenty of theories about what attracts sharks and what makes a spot sharky. Peeing in your wetsuit. Blood. Colored wetsuits. Rivermouths. Murky water. Deep canyons. Et cetera. In the interest of separating fact from fiction, SURFING Editor-at-Large Taylor Paul brought a list of these theories, which he gathered through an informal survey of the SURFING staff, to present to Dr. Salvador Jorgensen, a research scientist and shark expert at the Monterey Bay Aquarium — and also a dedicated surfer. So does scientific research confirm or deny our sharky superstitions? Here’s what Dr. Sal had to say  …  More

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World-record holder Mandy Krack shares the secrets to going deeper

If you want to see a mermaid, go to Korea. Only don’t expect to see any shell bras on these ladies; the “mermaids” living on Jeju Island off the coast of Korea are actually haenyeo, female freedivers who swim down to 60 feet on one breath to collect clams, shellfish, and seaweed from the bottom of the ocean. And if you think that’s impressive, just wait until you meet Mandy-Rae Krack.

Krack (formerly Cruickshank) is one of the most accomplished and daring freedivers in the world   …  More

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Shark repelling devices jump in popularity on Maui after series of shark attacks

A surge in shark attacks on Maui over the past year, including two fatal ones, hasn’t stopped people from surfing and swimming in the warm ocean waters that surround the Hawaii island.

But it has spurred sales of devices that claim to keep sharks away by emitting an electric pulse.

“They just cannot make these things fast enough,” said Hawaiian Island Surf & Sport owner Dennis O’Donnell, who keeps a waiting list for the products and sells out as soon as he’s restocked   …  More