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An unprecedented gathering of baby great white sharks near the Monterey Bay shoreline this week has scientists as curious as the public about what happens next.

The arrival of more sharks, perhaps even the giant great whites on the tails of these smaller ones? Or their departure from local beaches to the sites of large elephant seal populations for feeding?

Most of the sharks are   …  More

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No one goes looking for a fight with a shark. Some of the most ancient predators on earth, sharks are cunning, powerful, and lethal when they intend to be, arousing in humans what at worst manifests as crippling fear – galeophobia – and at best, a healthy aversion.

Unprovoked shark attack incident numbers are steadily climbing each decade, and we’re left to wonder what’s going on, and what we surfers can do about it.

It’s no secret that our sustained human activity has dramatically   …  More

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To live life to the fullest you’ve got to work hard and play hard, that’s for sure. Everything is a new adventure with ups and downs, which make us stronger in so many ways. A great up was hanging with my buddy Clinton, what a nice guy… and he also took us Freediving with sharks in Durban. This was my second time freediving with sharkies, I mean when I actually saw them. 😉 What an experience, the underwater world is something special anyways but blending in with these guys adds another level. So calm and relaxed but yet so aware!

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Warm sun, sparkling blue seas and miles of unblemished white sand are more likely to bring to mind the beach vacation of a lifetime than a backdrop to several years of study. For some higher education students, though, palm-fringed coves next to classrooms and surfing between lessons are not a dream but a day-to-day reality.

The following 30 colleges around the world all have something to offer studious beach lovers, boasting as they do such features as gorgeous private stretches of sand, tropical views, and inviting waters in which to take a dip. Located everywhere from California to the Caribbean and South Africa to the Seychelles, the campuses are all within easy reach of the beach, making them ideal destinations for learners who wish to relax in stunning surroundings after a hard day’s hitting the books  …  More

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