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When on the road, things can — and will — go wrong. The best defense is preparation, even for worst case scenarios.

Say, for example, you’re swimming in the ocean and then out of nowhere a shark appears and starts heading straight for you.

It turns out, there is some truth in the old adage about punching a shark in the nose. Like with any opponent, you should  … More

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Fifty-six years ago almost to the day, a strange and horrifying event in a seaside town in California inspired Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller “The Birds.” Scores of sooty shearwaters flew into the sides of buildings and at residents who ventured outside. The seabirds vomited anchovies and died en masse in the streets.

What caused those birds to go crazy in Capitola?   …  More

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As one of Europe’s most famous cities, Budapest has become a tourist hotspot known for its history, its architecture and its love of water. While most people soak above the surface in the city’s famed geothermal baths, below the metropolis lies a secret subterranean world ripe for exploration. The Hungarian capital is home to over 80 geothermal springs. As this naturally heated water flowed deep below the Earth’s surface, it carved out hundreds of caves, making Budapest home to the largest collection of thermal caves in the world. Though divers have charted more than four miles of tunnels since the 1950s, much remains to be explored.

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Is it true that the best way to defend yourself against a shark is to punch its nose? To improve your chances of surviving a shark attack, we spoke with George Burgess, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research and manager of the International Shark Attack File. Following is a transcript of the video.

“My name is George Burgess. I serve as director of the Florida program for shark research.

If you see a shark while in the water   …  More

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