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Sharks attacks events are extremely rare, but when they occur, they always make the news and generate a serious social alarm.

Despite the flashy headlines, the truth is that humans are not part of the shark’s diet and, in most cases, it privileges the less dangerous hit-and-run attacks.

And, in many cases   …  More

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Standup paddler Kari Schibevaag gets up close with Orca whales above and below the surface in Norway.

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It happens all the time, especially if you’re a surfer or a swimmer. Have you ever been in a public space, and suddenly your nose starts running furiously?

Ever wonder why hours after surfing you get salt water nose drip? Well, in the following article we will briefly discuss the anatomy of the nose to explain this bizarre phenomenon   …  More

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After the tragic death of British journalist Paul McClean in Sri Lanka on Thursday, it seems surfers can now add crocodiles to the list of deadly dangers in the sport. While McLean wasn’t actually surfing at the time of his death, he had been staying at a surf camp near the well-known spot of Elephant Rock and had walked 500 yards to relieve himself near a lagoon when he was taken by the crocodile.

Surfers in Sri Lanka haven’t traditionally had a problem with crocodiles   …  More

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